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In the unlikely event of dissatisfaction a full refund will be offered on receipt of the returned artwork in good order. The buyer is liable and responsible for the safe return of the artwork, therefore the buyer must pay for the return postage and packing and take out insurance sufficient to cover the loss or damage of the artwork. An agreement to purchase work either over the phone or by e-mail is a legally binding contract and constitutes an acceptance of that fact and of all the terms of business detailed here. Watercolours are sold in a simple white limed frame.

Please contact the artist to discuss postage or courier costs.
If you are in the UK it may be possible to arrange personal delivery by the artist or representative of the artist, depending on your location this could mean a small reduction on the sale price. For international buyers please e-mail to receive a quote for delivery.

If you would like to view the work, it may be possible to arrange the loan of the artwork. contact Mark