Mark creates sculptures featuring animals, ships, and shine-like forms. He also makes paintings of anonymous forest; which is the animals’ habitat, and perhaps the site of some non-specified historic event.  

He says;

‘All my work considers the preciousness of life and its fleeting nature. I see the animals as guardian spirits of a battered environment. Influenced by archaeology, the sculptures resemble ancient ritual artefacts. Referencing shamanism, the animals are built from the inside out, starting with a skeleton; their unsettling anatomical look resembles a cyborg or a creature in the stages of reanimation. The combination of archaic and modern elements such as wire or electronics produces an intentional uncertainty; are they ancient or from some dystopian future?

A recent series of sculptures refer to the First World War; commenting on the dangers of Imperialism, and the forces of unrestricted competition which remain dangerous.

Since graduating with a first-class degree in Fine Art from the University of Cumbria he has exhibited internationally, in London, and in the North of England. His work is in private and corporate collections in the UK and abroad.

Mark has set up and managed museum education programmes and has taught art at several local colleges as well as on art holidays and residential courses. Please contact the artist for further details or proposals.

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